Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classroom Management

This seems to be a dreaded topic for everyone that has a hand in education. It seems to be a topic where excuses are constantly made and people place blame on another to stay away from fixing problems. As an educator I have been in multiple roles. My role now, as an assistant principal, has given me a better understanding of the plight of an administrator. As I served in my role as a teacher I thought for sure that the administrators were slacking in this department and placed blame. Rather than place blame, student discipline in a school has to be as collaborative as lesson planning. This blog will also follow some of my forays into student discipline and will  provide some suggestions and strategies to help better develop a classroom environment conducive to learning. Check out my Squidoo page for more interactive modules at Student Discipline. If you have any suggestions or stories that you would like to post about your forays into student discipline please feel free to do so in the guestbook below. Or if you have any questions contact me at tobint44@gmail.com

Monday, August 27, 2012

Classroom Engagement and Management

     As an educator in the dangerous realm of middle school, I have been in many classrooms that were totally silent. I have also been in classrooms where students seemed to be talking over the sound of a loud jet engine. Teaching has changed during the past decade. Teachers are asked to engage students and empower them in the classroom. Teachers are also asked to maintain a professional classroom that provides an orderly place for learning. This blog will discuss effective strategies for allowing students to discuss topics and see actual ownership, while promoting an environment conducive to learning. I hope the strategies listed will assist in student engagement and classroom management. If you have any questions relative to the topic or the strategies feel free to contact me at tobint44@gmail.com.